Climbing Wall Hours

Tuesday: 6-9pm

Friday: 6-10pm

Saturday: 3-10pm

Before You Climb

  • One of our Climbing Wall staff members will assist you in getting harnessed up and on the wall. Our self-belay system makes climbing easy and fun.

  • Tennis shoes or close-toed-shoes with rubber bottoms are required for climbing.

  • We require all climbing wall participants complete a climbing wall waiver prior to climbing. Climbers must weigh a minimum of 45 lbs. and may not exceed a maximum of 225 lbs.

  • Please read and follow all Climbing Wall rules for your safety as well as the safety of other guests.

Rules of the Wall


Climber Requirements

  • Must weigh 45 lbs minimum, 225 lbs maximum to participate.

  • Must wear shirt and tennis shoes or climbing shoes

Before Your Climb

  • An Attendant must assist you with your harness and hooking onto the Auto-Belay cable.

  • After you are hooked into your harness, stay in the harness area and wait for instructions.

  • Do not step on the Auto-Belay cable.

During Your Climb

  • Stay on the color-coded climbing route for your station.

  • Do not cross over to put yourself directly above or beneath other climbers.

  • Do not climb beyond the Belay system at the top of the wall. Do not go beyond chest height of the top.

During Your Descent

  • Do not kick off more than 6 feet from the wall.

  • Rappel straight down. Do not swing too close to other climbers.

  • Be alert for other climbers beneath you.

At the End of Your Climb

  • When you lower to the ground at the end of your climb, land on your feet.

  • After your climb is complete, wait for an Attendant to unhook you.

  • Once you have been unhooked, go to the harness area where we will assist you in removing your harness. Please do not remove the harness without assistance.

Have Fun!