Come rule the rink at the Change Center. During our open skate hours, there is always a chance for a good time with friends or family!

Skating Rink Hours

Admission: $5/day per person, per visit

Tuesday: 6-9pm Special $2 Tuesday

Wednesday: Closed to Skating 6-10pm Inline Hockey Night

Thursday: Closed to Skating 6-10pm Basketball Night

Friday: 6-10pm

Saturday: 3 -10pm

Sunday: 4-7pm 

Before You Hit the Rink

You'll need socks in order to rent skates, or socks are available for purchase for $1.

Learning to skate? No problem! Rent a "skate mate" for $2 to help you learn to skate!

No outside roller skates or roller blades are allowed on the skating rink.

We have Rink Referees available. Please follow the rules and listen to the Skate Referee’s instructions.

Read and follow all rink instructions prior to lacing up.

 Rules of the Rink


  • Skaters must place all coats, purses, and personal belongings in a locker prior to skating. The Change Center and/or its management or representatives are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. 

  • All skaters must wear socks to participate. 

  • Do not take any hats, caps, purses, sunglasses, toys, or any similar items onto the skating rink floor. 

  • Do not take any food or drinks onto the skating rink floor. 

  • Do not chew gum while skating. 

  • Skate at a reasonable speed.  

  • Do not skate in a reckless manner; do not weave in and out, play tag, or skate in a manner that may jeopardize the safety of yourself or others.

  • Report all injuries to the Rink Ref, regardless of severity.

  • Do not carry children while on skates.

  • Do not sit on walls, railings, tables or counters. 

  • Do not stop or stand while on the skating rink floor. Please move off of the rink if you need to stop or speak to someone. 

  • Do not enter or exit the building while wearing skates.

Have Fun!